Special Projects

We can handle the following types of special projects for you!

QuickBooks Cleanup

Some companies may have issues with their QuickBooks stemming from the setup of their QuickBooks or from a lack of understanding with the data entry into QuickBooks. The process of cleaning up a company’s QuickBooks file is rather time intensive because there are multiple steps involved. First, one must understand what is wrong with the way the QuickBooks is being used. Second, that correction needs to be taken into account along with understanding what new accounting requirements are needed to clean up. Lastly, the actual clean up would occur, including new data entry, journal entries correcting old items, and instruction on how to properly use QuickBooks to avoid any financial messes.

Accounting / Books Clean-up

Do you need to produce accurate financial reports? The first step is to make sure you have properly accounted for all your financial events. We will help you sort through all your entries, discover errors, repair you books so that you can produce useful and truthful reports. We offer on-site and remote service.

QuickBooks Set-Up

There are many facets to the setup of your accounting software and without prior knowledge it can be rather challenging. There has to be a complete understanding of your company’s market segment and projected needs. We will create your chart of accounts, as well as associate your bank and merchant accounts. This process can take anywhere from 4-8 hours. Done properly in this initial phase by a professional, QuickBooks can provide an immense amount of financial information. We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors to insure your service with integrity.

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