Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping Services We Provide

Debit / Credit Card Transactions

Tampa Bay Accounting and Associates  accounts for your debit and credit card transaction properly. In doing so we are able to provide you with nice clean financials. Knowing where your bookkeeping is at is key in any business.

Invoice Generation

Are you spending a lot of time on invoicing? Do you know how to use QuickBooks invoicing? We can teach you how or complete the task for you. We give our clients peace of mind with our bookkeeping and invoice service.

Bill Pay

We offer bill paying for individuals and business. Are you too busy? Tired of paying all those late fees or finance charges? We can take care of this and put your mind at ease.

Categorize and Enter Bills

Don’t have time for this? You want to spend the most of your day trying to get new business? You can mail, fax or email and we will take care of the rest.

Accounts Payable

Businesses must have a clear record of their accounts payable (A/P) for that month. This account is normally increased when you receive a bill from a vendor and decreased when a bill is paid to a vendor. In order for a company to identify profit for a given period you must account for all A/P. Future purchasing and investing decisions are better made when a company knows what it owes, compared to money coming in and knowing your accounts payable would help greatly.

Accounting Services We Provide

tax preparation services